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    Read the story of #joebean, the Coffee Fuels The World mascot!

    #JoeBean grew up on a fair-trade coffee farm in South America. He has always believed that Coffee Fuels the World. That belief fueled his desire to travel and sample coffees around the globe. So one day he boarded a plane, searching the world for great coffee and others who drink WAY too much of it! He just knew there were others like him!!!  On one such trip, #JoeBean met an artist who offered to paint his portrait if he ever visited Mississippi. She only drank decaf, so he was hesitant to accept her offer at first because he believes the only thing instant about coffee should be friendships. But the thought of Southern food and hospitality eventually wooed him. Soon he boarded a plane for the deep South!  #JoeBean instantly felt at home in the heat and humidity and had a grand time sampling the different coffees roasted in Mississippi (he even tried a flavored coffee, Southern Pecan). He also visited his artist friend as promised. She happily painted this very realistic portrait of #JoeBean! Then she offered him a tall mug of instant cinnamon decaf latte and #JoeBean knew it was time to travel again.   #JoeBean continues to travel, drinking great coffee and sharing his belief that Coffee Fuels The World with anyone who will listen. He has been called a cofffee nut more than once in his life, but that doesn't seem to bother him. In fact, he thinks there is something suspicious about anyone who doesn't like a cup of coffee! He's also never met another coffee drinker who didn't become an instant friend! So if you happen to spot #JoeBean while on your own coffee adventures, buy him a cup, or five. He will be glad you did! #joebean #coffeefuelstheworld

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